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Care for Alaskans

Eating disorders are not just an urban issue. It is estimated that 5% of the population will struggle with disordered eating at some point. Eating disorders do not discriminate based on gender, identity, age, or income. The disorder affects every aspect of a person's life causing shame, isolation, and medical complications that can be deadly.

Eating disorders are treatable, and we have more tools than ever to smooth your road to recovery.

No matter where you are in Alaska, we will partner with you to provide confidential care. 

Let's do this work together. It's a partnership designed for your success!


Therapeutic Medical Nutrition


Disordered eating patterns can have complications that affect each body system. A complete assessment that includes medical history, lab work, and  evaluation of symptoms can ensure proper and timely treatment. Therapeutic medical nutrition is a health intervention strategy that identifies nutrition problems and works to implement solutions in a patient-focused model.

Nutrition Counseling


We take a strengths-based and values-driven approach to motivation that encompasses an entire social picture. Whatever you are dealing with, you will 

have compassionate direction 

and support to pursue behavior changes. 

We offer tele-nutrition sessions and technology 

to stay connected between sessions

Care Navigation


Eating disorders are complex illnesses. With a knowledgable care team, you have the tools you need to rock the recovery! Starting with an evaluation for appropriate level-of-care, we work together to connect you with the services you need.  Use our experience and networking to connect with your treatment team, including:  therapist, medical provider, dietitian, occupational therapist, or others.